There is nothing in the whole of Nature to rival the glory of a total
           eclipse of the Sun.... Michael Maunder & Patrick Moore

Orientation Workshop

Heliodyssey China Participent
Heliodyssey Patna Participent


Largest Total Solar Eclipse of this century 22 July 2009. Be Prepared!


SPACE, a national body working for the popularisation of astronomy and space science is organising the third student solar expedition Heliodyssey 2009 to China & India during the Total Solar Eclipse on 22nd July 2009. Heliodyssey is a project of SPACE to follow the Total Solar eclipses all over the world and perform experiments. In this highly prestigious project, school students from all over India will be selected through an online exam. These selected students will travel to the location of Total Solar Eclipse internationally, (this year China & India). They will be trained in various experiments and scientific procedures to become the part of the official SPACE team of astronomers and scientist to work on various experiments during the Total Solar Eclipse and record the event scientifically. They will not only get a chance to represent their school and themselves internationally but the exposure opens their horizon for scientific research and the cultural diversity adds to their personality.

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